TXTmeWhat if all you needed to have everything you ever wanted was a phone number?

Rex Meleager is in his last year of high school. His fiercely independent style has made him an outcast and the focus of cruel bullying from the popular kids — in particular, Thaddeus Martin, All-State quarterback and captain of the football team.

When Rex discovers a cell phone powered by mysterious technology that allows him to control the minds of others through texting, he begins an all out assault on the status quo of high school social politics, a plan that begins with stealing Thad’s girlfriend and head cheerleader, Eve Glory.

But manipulating the human mind proves not to be as simple as Rex expects especially when the hardest mind to control turns out to be his own.TXTme is a Young Adult Thriller/Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel to be released in three parts. Available on KINDLE.