Megan’s life is uprooted when her family moves to a new house in a far away town where she discovers a tiny brood of mysterious creatures living in the attic. As she raises them each begin to manifest unique traits of their own — one that blows fire like a dragon, one who sprouts wings and flies, and a girl with a hypnotic singing voice, are just a few among the group.

The mystery of where these fantastical creatures come from and what their ultimate purpose might be leads Megan down an exciting path to adventure and discovery (and not just a little danger!)

With Megan’s Brood, a middle grade fantasy story, I’ve teamed up with veteran comic book illustrator Shawn McManus, best known for his stints on Vertigo/DC Comics’ Sandman (for which he and Neil Gaiman were nominated for an Eisner) and the Fables series.

MEGAN’S BROOD is available on Kindle or in  paperback – both available through Amazon or my order’s page.


MEGAN’S BROOD is available on Amazon!



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