AFTERMEN – Web Comic


Kicking off the new year with some fun new projects I’ve actually been working on for a while now. First off is a new web comic series – AFTERMEN.

This is a world and characters I’ve had in my mind for quite a long time. I’ve drawn the characters in different versions for years and years and last year I finally sat down and started laying out the story that will be unfolding on AFTERMENCOMIC.COM

At this point, I don’t want to say too much about what the story is about, since I see this as a journey undertaken by myself and the audience, much like the one undertaken by the main character in the story. We awaken in a strange place along with him, and we’ll see where his travels take him, discovering just what kind of world this is, and what the events that take place there mean. Thus the tag line: A MAN ON A JOURNEY. HE’S BEEN THIS WAY BEFORE…

Here’s a rough sketch I did of some of the main characters from a few years back. Hope you’ll check out the series and keep coming back for updates as the new pages go up!



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