Hey Everyone, I’m back with REAPERLANDS Pt.2: Los Muertos Trail — Gus and Oscar’s adventure continues. Took me a little longer than expected. I was trying to get it out before the new addition to our family arrived in July, but alas, the editing process cannot be rushed, and James Mark Burdine got here first!

I’m running a launch deal on Kindle for the next five days — And with the Labor Day weekend here, it’s perfect timing — REAPERLANDS Part 1: Runner is available for free. Perfect time to jump onboard with the adventure! Download the opening chapter for free then get the newest installment for ¢0.99. Click HERE to get your copy.

So what’s Los Muertos Trail all about? Well, for starters I’m calling this one a Post-Apocalyptic Western because of the influences on me in the writing and telling of the story. Gus and Oscar travel across the desert to the fort city of Los Muertos, and the plains of the Reaper’s time seemed to me much like the tales of the desert southwest found in the great novels of Louis L’amour and Zane Grey, albeit minus the Viral hordes of mutated Wolves and other flesh-eating creatures. Here’s the full synopsis:

Gus and Oscar are back! After a successful Reaping run to the Los Angeles ruins, they set out to bring their scavenger spoils to market, a journey that takes them across the desert plains of the post zombie apocalypse future, and pits them against the mutant hordes of the animal kingdom, and the worst of their own kind, those who would prey on the survivors of a world gone to hell.

For Gus, this mission has a special purpose beyond just the monetary riches of his trade – To deliver a cargo of classic books to the library he is building in the fort city of Los Muertos in an effort to preserve the culture of a civilization that once was.

Get it HERE

What’s next?

The first two volumes of REAPERLANDS are the opening chapters in a larger, more complex tale awaiting Gus and Oscar, sort of setting up the world in which they exist. Let’s just say, the real story begins when they reach Los Muertos. Not sure yet whether I’ll wait and present the next installment when the full novel length adventure is complete, or if I’ll put it up in volumes as I go. I’ll keep you posted.

But first up — I’m hammering away at the next volume of my middle grade fantasy-adventure MEGAN’s BROOD — my goal is to have MEGAN’S Brood and the OLD ONE out by November in times for several shows I’ll be attending. Stay tuned.


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