After apocalypse, there’s a whole world to reclaim…

It’s been a decade since the Viral plague that brought the dead back to life with a thirst for living flesh.

Gus and Oscar are a two man reaping crew, facing down the horrors of a shattered world in search of its hidden wealth, but more dangerous than the undead Virals, and their various deadly strains, are the others like themselves, cutthroat scavengers bent on plundering the riches of the Reaperlands…

Reaperlands template V5

2 thoughts on “Now Available on Amazon Kindle

  1. Hi! I’m a book reviewer. If you are looking for reviews for this book, I would be interested in doing one. I am formally closed for book review submissions on my blog but am looking for specific books I am very interested in instead. You can check out my blog and if interested we can discuss a review via email.

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